Echolocation Records - 2012 - Aggregate

May 14, 2013 (Last modified Jul 18, 2019)
Uploaded by Ted Weller
Image shows all unique locations across all timesteps in this dataset.
Recommended by Brendan Ward
Auto-generated dataset created from the aggregation of datasets that conform to the Echolocation Records - 2012 aggregate dataset definition.
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Ted Weller
Corinna Pinzari
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This dataset automatically updates when new datasets that confrom to the Echolocation Records - 2012 dataset definition are uploaded.
This dataset contains the data found within the following datasets:

About the Uploader

Ted Weller
Ecologist with USDA Forest Service

I am an ecologist specializing in the study of bats and their responses to human induced changes to the environment. A major focus of my work has been evaluation of study design and field methods effective for understanding the ecology of this cryptic taxon. My current work involves designing...